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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

About US

Love a matter of the Heart

ChristianChatCafé is a non-denominational congregation

Founded on The Rock running on Love.

We have tolerance and love for all people, as we all were at some time at certain points in live, we do understand that all people have different backgrounds, situations and are all at diverse points in their lives. 

We look forward meeting you and are confident that building and helping each other in faith, love, grace, peace and good works through the Holy Spirit is everyone’s responsibility by not being part of the problem but being part of the solution.

Thanks for your support, have a wonderful time here and enjoy by sharing, building-up in fellowship through encounters in time and space with people from all over the world in life changing events in Christ at www.christianchatcafe.blogspot.com

In search of truth on our journey through life we daily encounter opposition of truth. Its job is to demotivate and keep you away from learning and knowing truth or being effective in it. Truth will be found in Happiness by those who want to be found by it. It’s never too late to return. Search and Research all things yourself from a pure motive without prejudice and you will discover and find truth. 

The Truth will lead and guide you to "The Gate of Life" back to "The Source" through "The Lion of Judah His Son Jesus Christ" that "God" has sent to us, to be rescued out of the trap of the opposition.

"May Gracious Mercy fall upon and Caress You"
"May The Holy Spirit Teach and Guide You"

All truth seekers on your quest, Be Encouraged in your personal search of Truth!

"You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32)